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posted by Robert Cosmetologist

I was extremely impressed with the information and the delivery. I learned a lot from this course that helps me with some things in my personal life especially the skin. AWSOME!!!! yes, i would love to use this site again and will recommend it to others. Great Job!

posted by Ruggiero TX Auctioneer

Particularly useful was the information on internet auctions. This has become the most important part of our business, with over 60% of our sales going to internet buyers. It is important for seller to guarentee both the description of the item and a detailed condition report. This builds confidence in the buyers to participate. Good course. Thank you. B. Ruggiero

posted by Pattie TX Cosmetologist

I really enjoyed the natural facial information that was given, this will help me in my natural facial treatments. I women are into the natural organic treatments, this will help me to make more money. I wish I could copy and paste some of the information for future use, I had to commit most of the information to memory, that is why it took so long for me to finish, I had to keep going over the facial information, because I will be using some of the procedures in my practice. Thank you so much for such great information it is going to improve, and increase my business. Thank you, and please send me information when it is time for me to renew, my license again.

posted by Marisa

I will use EasyLR 24 alway's. It's user friendly and can use it on any device. The best customer service ever! Thanks are making my life easier!! Happy Returning Customer, Marisa

posted by Susan Cosmetologist

Finally, a course that was more understanding of the needs of my profession. In my 34 years of the beauty business this course was something applicatable to my profession and more. I will definitely do this course next time.

posted by Mark Electrician

This is the 3rd year in a row I've taken your course. Looking forward to #4.

posted by Dolores

i have been in cosmetology business for almost 50 years so i knew all the things you were reteaching, but it is always good to have an update on our teaching techniques. the information was given in a very professional manner. the web site was very user friendly and percise. i will definately use you again and even tell others about your site.

posted by Stakes

I have been a towing & recovery professional for 32 years, in Houston texas. I found this continueing education program to be the most informative program I have seen yet. thank you sid stakes bear creek csi

posted by Stephanie

I am Cosmetologist, this's the first time I have used your web-site and i liked it much better then any of the others that I have used in the past! Thanks.

posted by Bolton

I enjoyed this online course. I have taken other online courses in time past but this one was the better. I will inform other cosmetologist about this online course.

posted by Clifton

Awsome course, can't beat the price either. I have gotten over two dozen postcards in the past month for ce renewal and I couldn't remember who I used last year. I chose one (not the cheapest) that looked right for me and when I tried to create an account it said that my user name was already used, so I logged in with that name and low and behold I already had an account. too cool. thanks Clifton b rachal

posted by Gutierrez

Great program to renew my license!!! I have recommended several of my friends to this site. Thank you for preparing this site and I will look forward to doing this again in 2 years. I wish yall had a license renewal for massage therapist.

posted by Joe

A very well outlined course of continuing education. this is the reason I keep coming back year after year. Keep up the good work

posted by Wiseman

I have been in the beauty industry over 30 yrs and renewing can get extremely trying and tedious. But I enjoyed the word usage and the modern tips, the movie references etcetera are what my clients actually use not some outdate haircut names from a textbook. Great Job! will look forward to using you in the future

posted by Jerry

This is my fourth year to use your class and will continue to use and tell my friends and coworkers about you.

posted by Christy

I enjoyed learning about all the different homemade techniques that you can use at home to take care of you hair and skin. I also liked how this program had an audio button I was able to read a long and it made the time fly by. Thank you for this great opportunity.

posted by Colleen

I have taken many of these CE packages and I have thoroughly enjoyed this one. The course on teaching methods was different than any I have taken before and I gained some valuable information for use in my classroom. Thank you for a very informative course, I will look forward to taking your course again in two years. Thank you, Colleen Walker

posted by Franklin

couldn't get the audio to work on my computer but worked fine on my wife's. have used this site for my continuing ed for 3 or 4 years very satisfied. Tx /Ac

posted by Carl

Keep it up !The subjects are consistent and presented properly. See you next year.This is my second year with you.Thanks Carl

posted by Margaret

I really enjoyed the audio portion of this 4 hour Cosmetology CE course. It kept me on track and interested. I used your site in 2011, now in 2013, and I'll be back in 2015! Thanks so much! Marti Thornton

posted by Drew

i`ve taken my cont. ed. courses with yall for a couple of years now and each year the course gets better well done. till next year

posted by Dee

I loved this course it was easy to understand and I was not distracted in anyway from not finishing this course in one sitting. I love it. Thanks for the pointers you gave. Thanks again

posted by BERNADETTE


posted by Charlie

Thank you so much for making this course easy to read and understand and the ease to complete my 4 hours of continuing education through you. I hope I can use you again in the future

posted by Daniel

Great course that I have enjoyed using for several years, Course features have improved a very much since I first started taking them from EASYLR24 ONLINE TRAINING SCHOOL, INC.

posted by regions

I was very satisfied after having completing this course with all the information presented and in the manner thus course was prepared. very informative and I will strongly recommend it to friends.

posted by Debra

I received my license in 1982 & topics were so old fashioned back then & your course had so many new & fresh ideas that have brought me up to date on all four chapters presented. I am keeping your website on file for next renewal. Thank you so much.

posted by Marisela

Material presented, was very knowledgeable, i strongly will consider completing the course on my next compliance renewal. sincerly yours Marisela Villarreal

posted by Robert

Robert Cline The 4 hour CE course. You don't have to contact me. I just wanted to thank you again on a most enjoyable renewal of my journeymans electrical license. I'm going to spread the word on how easy and informative your class is to take. I was amazed. then you blew my mind by having a link to the TDLR so I could pay for my renewal.You guys are the best.hands down.Thanks again.

posted by Bmonroe

Your course is very easy to go through and the audio with it is brilliant. It has definitely gave me extra insight on expanding my business. I love the course.

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